You Have a Story  to Share


Creativity Unleashed

Does Sharing Your Story Feel Overwhelming?

You want to share your story but :

You don’t feel creative enough…

You don’t think anyone wants to hear it…

You don’t feel brave enough to face the world and share…

That is why you need your Creativity Unleashed!

Being a survivor often means we feel creatively blocked.

Reclaim your creativity! In Creativity Unleashed you will not only reclaim your creativity, you will accelerate your healing and recovery by understanding who you really are and the gifts you bring to this world so that in 90 days or less you feel confident enough to …

  • Awaken your creativity and feel inspired to share your story through expressive arts – for your own deep healing and for that of others.
  • Know who you are at the core; your strength, your resilience, your courage and the gifts you bring to the world.
  • Feel comfortable enough in your skin to state your needs and desires comfortably.
  • Shatter the silence and share your healing story through creating an artist book or your best form of public expression.

Creativity Unleashed will be starting soon, apply now to be informed and get more details.

 More information to come…

Creativity Unleashed  encourages survivors to unearth the root of their story & nourish their creativity through expressive arts.

Through Creativity Unleashed, you will heal with a small group of women like yourself who are dedicated to healing sexual abuse in themselves with others. Giving voice to your story through expressive arts helps you heal. Seeing it, hearing it, helps others heal as well.


Unleash Your Creativity

In the 9 week  program you will:

  • Learn how to share your story through simple art techniques effectively
  • Use a story board to effectively organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Create an artist book or art of your choice using simple effective techniques
  • Learn how to share your story vulnerably yet powerfully
  • WOW your audience with public speaking techniques that will have them intrigued from your very first words
  • Get published in Voices Heard quarterly e-Zine (if you desire)
  • Be part of the Empowered Voice Traveling Exhibit (Live and Online)

Accelerate Your Healing and Recovery

  • Expand your capacity to hold grief, loss and more
  • Learn simple practices for when you’re triggered
  • Let go of anger, mistrust, and not being enough
  • Share your needs and desires confidently at home and in business
  • Reclaim who you are at the core
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Release your story once and for all
  • Become the strong confident woman you know you can be
  • Embrace your prosperity

  • Shatter the Silence of  Your Sexual Abuse