What’s Your Story?


Your Voice Wants to be Heard
…Needs to be Heard

It’s important for you to share your story
…for you
…for them

You have a story to tell and we want to hear it.

Giving voice to your story through expressive arts helps you heal. Seeing it, hearing it, helps others heal as well.

If you are a woman who’s healing (or has healed) from sexual abuse (be it rape, incest, fondling or sexual harassment, send us your submission for a chance to be published.

The Empowered Voice Traveling Exhibit (EVTE) was created to Empower the Voice of Sexual Assault Survivors. It is a strong force for the empowerment of women who have been silent for years and are reclaiming who they are at the core.
We are Seen! We are Heard!

We are excited to have you join us.

We are excited to share that EVTE has evolved into an interactive e-Zine in order to empower more women throughout the world. Voices Heard is the result of this transition. Each quarterly issue will have a specific theme.

Voices Heard is accepting inspiring non-fiction stories of hope and healing as seen through expressive arts including poetry, visual art, story telling or video of movement or music that expresses your inspiring story of healing from sexual abuse. You must include an artist statement about the project. All womxn are encouraged to apply.

Submission Requirements Summary:

Word count minimum: 250

Word count maximum: 3000

Art or photography must be submitted as hi-res images (300 dpi or larger).

Please submit 50 to 100 word Bio with article. Include links to website or social media if desired.

Please read additional requirements for submission.

Does Sharing  Feel Overwhelming?

If you want to share your story but you don’t feel creative enough…

We get it!

Being a survivor often means we feel creatively blocked.

Reclaim your creativity! Join one of our Creativity Unleashed programs where you will not only reclaim your creativity, you will accelerate your healing and recovery by understanding who you really are and the gifts you bring to this world so that in 90 days or less you feel confident enough to …

  • Awaken your creativity and feel inspired to share your story through expressive arts – for your own deep healing and for that of others.
  • Know who you are at the core; your strength, your resilience, your courage and the gifts you bring to the world.
  • Feel comfortable enough in your skin to state your needs and desires comfortably.
  • Shatter the silence and share your healing story through creating an artist book or your best form of public expression.