Voices Heard is On its Way
Voices Heard Spring 2022 Cover

We Did It

We printed the very first Voices Heard!

We dedicated the whole Spring 2022 issue to the Survivor Nest Project. Contributors include the nesters, collaborators, allies and community members involved in the project.

The photography, poetry, stories, art — mothers, daughters, friends, all of it so beautiful and compelling. Tears came to my eyes over and over as I read these incredible stories of healing in the nest. Healing survivors yes, but also healing each person who took part in The Survivor Nest Project. Each story different and yet the result is the same — feeling whole again. Each contributor from bystander to survivor shares their story with you in this most compelling issue of Voices Heard.

It's Working

Here's what one contributor says about Voices Heard..

"I could write, in my NJ outlandish Chutzpah, great tremors of accolades. But the nest gave me a real opportunity for my soft underbelly, my deeply sensitive core, to emerge safely and publicly. So I will say that I have no words. I have feelings.

Looking through the virtual magazine I felt DEEPLY and THOROUGHLY that I am at last real and on the earth, seen and known. I am safe to come out and play. I am safe. As it is said in 12-step parlance ...more will be revealed. I hope so. I'm planning on it.

I thank you for your practical skills, the impeccability of your artistic vision and eye. Yes. But it is your soul that I dance with even though we are some thousands of miles apart. To know what you are called to do. To answer the call, and to do it with everything that you are in such a beautiful manner is the work of Goddess coming through you. That makes you a Goddess, too. Something the ancient wise people understood quite well. I hope you do too.

In deep gratitude, love, purpose, and delight,"   Barbie Kristina

You can buy this stunning limited edition copy of Voices Heard  now for only $30. Proceeds support the printing of this and future issues of this exquisite magazine.